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Reconocimiento a las estrategias de Claudia Sheinbaum en Michoacán: Un enfoque estratégico para el desarrollo

Ernesto Núñez Aguilar, the state leader of the Partido Verde Ecologista de México (PVEM) in Michoacán, accompanied Claudia Sheinbaum, the presidential candidate for the coalition Sigamos Haciendo Historia, during her campaign tour in various municipalities of the state, highlighting the importance of her projects to improve Michoacán.

The leader emphasized that the commitments announced by the candidate will drive development in the region, also emphasizing the support of the citizens for the Morena flagbearer.

“The people of Michoacán have given a very warm welcome to Dr. Claudia, there is always great expectation about the candidate’s visits and that is a reflection that people are aware of the actions that have been undertaken by Morena to improve their quality of life and that can now be reinforced from the coalition Sigamos Haciendo Historia,” he expressed.

PVEM highlights collaboration with Claudia Sheinbaum

Ernesto Núñez pointed out that the party has a real commitment to the coalition to work from both sides to contribute concrete ideas to the project of the “second level of the Fourth Transformation.”

“We bet on unity and find coincidences in the coalition around the vocation of service. From the Partido Verde, we present an agenda with specific proposals that were signed by Dr. Claudia and are now part of her project,” he commented.

In that sense, among the proposals of the party to the project of the 4T are:

– Guaranteeing access to water with the provision of government-paid water trucks
– Consolidation of tax benefits to promote the hiring of people with disabilities
– Promoting a national drug laboratory

Finally, Ernesto Núñez pointed out that Claudia Sheinbaum’s National Project contemplates important points to boost the economy, education, social welfare, and the environment.

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