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Jorge Romero: AMLO perderá el apoyo del PAN si elimina órganos autónomos para sus iniciativas

Jorge Romero, coordinator of the PAN Parliamentary Group in the Chamber of Deputies, spoke with Guadalupe Juárez for Noticias de la Tarde through the television signal of Channel 8. During their conversation, the PAN member commented that they are supporting their reforms with the aim of benefiting the citizens, not President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“The president, who should be uniting Mexicans, is doing the opposite,” he said.

Romero accused López Obrador of wanting to destroy institutions. He argued that the president’s comments attacking the opposition and claiming that they are desperate in the PRI and PAN, who support his reforms, only prove that sending these initiatives is meant to be an electoral show. These initiatives are sent to try to expose those who do not think like him. The PAN member highlighted that the president not only sends initiatives like the pension reform for the elderly but also others that they will not support as a party.

Regarding the institutions that López Obrador wants to disappear, Romero clarified that if the president sends initiatives to eliminate the National Electoral Institute (INE), the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Data Protection (INAI), and the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), which guarantee the right to transparency, the PAN will not support their destruction.

Regarding the pension reform initiative, the opposition is willing to reflect on it as it serves the population. Romero reiterated their support for people who want to retire with 100% of their salary. However, the PAN and the opposition want to know where the resources for this initiative will come from.

He stated that if the president intends to “fund” this initiative by eliminating the INE or the INAI, the PAN will not vote in favor. In essence, López Obrador wants them to say no so that he can exhibit and achieve his electoral intentions through these legislative initiatives.

Regarding the initiatives sent in the second week of February, such as the electrical, judicial, and electoral reforms, Romero Herrera pointed out that the Chamber will not revolve around the president’s initiatives. While they will be addressed, they will not be the sole focus, as there are hundreds of initiatives that need attention. “We have to address the insecurity and violence in the country, resolve the lack of medications,” he said.

In conclusion, Jorge Romero, coordinator of the PAN Parliamentary Group, expressed his disagreement with President López Obrador’s approach to governance. He accused the president of wanting to destroy institutions and using legislative initiatives for electoral purposes. The PAN and the opposition will support reforms that benefit the citizens but will not support the elimination of functional institutions or initiatives that lack proper funding.

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